High Roller Ferris Wheel in Las Vegas, Nevada
Located on the Las Vegas Strip, at 3545 S. Las Vegas Boulevard, the 550-foot-tall High Roller is the world's largest observation wheel in 2014. It is about 51 stories high. The Ferris-style wheel has 28 glass-enclosed and air-conditioned gondolas that can each hold up to 40 people.

The High Roller is a ride in which guests travel at low speed which never stops turning in enclosed 225 square foot glass cabins which guarantee a great view. The entire ride takes about 30 minutes. The cabins are mounted outboard of the rim of the wheel and individually turned by electric motors to keep the floor horizontal throughout each 30-minute rotation

The ride provides tourists and locals alike the ride of a lifetime. The ferris wheel is the crown jewel of The LINQ, the Strip's all-new outdoor shopping, dining and entertainment district.

Parallel to Las Vegas Boulevard, the ferris wheel has more than 2,000 LED lights of ever-changing colors and display a nightly glorious light show. High Roller is illuminated nightly at sunset and stay on until early morning.

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